the nite feed.

Life with a newborn baby is an experience unlike any other. Being a new mum is a journey marked by highs and lows, many-a-sleepless night and LOVE like we have never known. We have been given these tiny little humans and they are ours. We made them. We brought them into this world. And it is a miracle. 

In a moment, we have gone from women to mothers. Just. Like. That.

Many women describe this transformation as the greatest thing they have ever done. The thing in their life that they are the most proud of. The event that has somehow made them better, deeper, richer and more connected to their own humanity. And I think that is an honest portrait of motherhood. It is beautiful. When we take a step back, we can see the masterpiece for what it is and appreciate it with perspective.

But let’s be honest, the transformation into mummy is not always pretty. And during the first 12 months of our child’s life, we are often in the trenches. Awake at all hours of the nite, fighting to navigate this profoundly new and often, nocturnal existence.  The nites can be lonely and isolating; making us feel like we exist on a different dimension than those around us.  

And in some ways, its true. We are awake when much of the world is asleep. But we are not ALONE.

The Nite Feed is an online community designed specifically for mothers. It offers women the platform to connect to other mothers that understand just how challenging life with a newborn can be. We are a community of women committed to supporting each other with positivity and without judgement…because everyone has the right to their own authentic experience of motherhood. No matter how magical or how challenging each mum’s present moment might be, The Nite Feed allows us to find comfort in our shared experiences.  

The Nite Feed is a friendly face at 4am, a funny story to get us through a long nite of tears, a fresh perspective when we need inspiration and a reassuring echo of our personal struggles and triumphs.

We are AWAKE but we are not ALONE. We are The Nite Feed.


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