love notes…

Make someone else’s nite…leave a note, a word of encouragement or something that makes you smile. Love wins. Always. Let’s spread the LOVE, mommas!!


4 thoughts on “love notes…

  1. This is great Gretchen, I used to work with Craig a few years ago… we are just friends in Facebook now that’s how I found this.. I also have 2 boys not to far from yours and find your post so touching… a little tear made an appearance at the corner of my eye
    I was also that girl.. now a mommy..but I always have found a lot of reassurance on my fellow moms and at the beginning I felt like I was part of a club where not a lot has to be said for every mom to understand what you are going through.. the best club ever!

  2. great posts – even though I’m a fella – now i know that late night tough hours with the little one puking over my shoulder there’s someone to reach out to, to share the misery with or even help me see the funny side when i’ve got stuck at 4.00 am with one hand on the half changed baby and the baby wipes are just out of reach

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